First Line Friday (#3) – The Quarryman’s Bride


Happy Friday! Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! This week I’m highlighting a book from the Land of Shining Waters series.

This week’s book selection is: The Quarryman’s Bride by Tracie Peterson.




St. Cloud, Minnesota

April 1886

Seventeen-year-old Emmalyne Knox tried to suck in air but found it impossible to breathe. Her throat constricted, and air couldn’t seem to get past her mouth and into her lungs. Blackness edged her vision.


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About The Quarryman’s Bride (Land of Shining Waters #2)


Emmalyne Knox has always loved Tavin MacLachlan. But when tragedy strikes her family, Emmalyne’s father declares she can no longer marry. Despite Tavin’s pleas to defy the decision, Emmalyne refuses. In her act of obedience, she gives up the future she’d always dreamed of.

When Emmalyne’s father returns to the quarry business years later, Tavin and Emmalyne meet again. And though circumstances have changed in both of their lives, they cannot deny the feelings that still exist.

Can Emmalyne find a way to heal the decade-long wound that has fractured the two families . . . and change the hearts of those who stand in the way of true love?


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