First Line Friday (#1) – Wedded to War


This week’s book selection is: Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green.




Monday, April 22, 1861

New York City

When Charlotte and Alice told their mother they were taking the omnibus down Broadway, they weren’t lying. They just didn’t tell her where they would be getting off. There was simply no time for an argument today.

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About Wedded to War (Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War, #1)

When war erupted, she traded a life of privilege for a life of significance.

Tending the Union army’s sick and wounded meant leaving the man Charlotte Waverly’s mother approved of, Phineas Hastings. Charlotte chose a life of service over privilege—just as her childhood friend Caleb Lansing had when he became a military doctor. By working in the army hospitals, Charlotte discovers she’s combating more than just the rebellion. Would the two men who love her be able to stand by and watch as she fights her own battles at home, in the hospitals, and on the battlefield? Or would their desire for her wage war on her desire to serve God?


She fought to get her place—she fought even harder to keep it.

Though Wedded to War is a work of fiction, the story is inspired by one Civil War nurse, Georgeanna Woolsey, whose letters and journals, written over 150 years ago, offer a thorough look of what pioneering women nurses endured. This is the first novel in the series Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War, offering an inside look at women’s contributions during times of war.



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